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Return to the Titanic, Would u like?

This year – 2012, which is the ‘Titanic’ sank 100 years. When it comes to the ‘Titanic’, what would retrieve from your memory? It would be a song –《My Heart Will Go On》.  Melodious melody surrounds around. Or it would be a scarce necklace, ‘The Heart of the Ocean’. Moreover, it would be the handsome hero – Jack and beautiful actress – Rose. Everyone knows that ‘Titanic’ is a 1997 American epic romantic disaster film, which is directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron. It is the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark and it is a single film wins most Oscars awards. ‘Titanic’ is miracle. While in 2012, James Cameron produce 3D Titanic to commemorate 100th.


Titanic’ was firstly shown on the screen in 1997, and then I was 7 years old. For me, watching this film with my parents. At that time, I didn’t understand the implication and moral. However, I saw my mother cried, and she told me this is a virtual film describes an actual past, which interprets love and disaster. It is very impressively. Although I not understand it completely, I capture the roles in the film. Jack and Rose, Jack is a brilliant man and he can draw each young girl’s heart, while Rose is the target we want to become that lovely women. They are in my deep memory.

When I know Cameron will release 3D ‘Titanic’ on April 4, 2012. I expect the film. Because that I can enjoy a moved and shocked true love experience again. Not just me, a great many of individuals who seen it or not all look forward to it. Why? Because nostalgia that something in people’s memory. ‘Memory is the means by which we draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present.’ (Sternberg, 1999) ‘Nostalgia’ this word seems to have become individual’s prevalent mood, like a kind of fashion. In recent years, compared with the development of the material life, constantly enrich people always feel incomparable lack in spiritual world. Although most of individuals meet their physical demands than before, but in the spiritual level people feel more and more blank and lack of the sense of safety and satisfaction. At this time, nostalgic could be an immaterial way for individual’s sweet dream bailment. However, in reality world, some of the values, morality and emotion far away from people’ life can get another spiritual temporary satisfaction through the nostalgic way, and provide individuals a temporary refuge to seek relief in the boring life. In this Utopia world, the audience can freely enjoy experience while it has disappeared in the real life, and feel existed things that bring about affect and strength. Therefore, people are urgent to enjoy ‘Titanic’.


From sociological point, when individual makes a decision, he/she usually choose an individual or group as a reference, the comparison of the object, which is the reference group. Ding (201) points out The significance of reference group is be able to rally multitudes at one’s call effect on consumer behavior. Groups’ consumption has the huge influence, and this kind of influence is considered caused by social influence psychology. Social influences are forces that other people exert on buying behavior. The include roles, family, reference groups and opinion leaders and so on (William and Ferrell, 2012). There are some consumers are spontaneous form, they seen “Titanic” on 1997 and want to review the classic film again, those audiences of the film is reference group. This batch of reference groups will through various channels to influence potential consumption group, and make the potential consumer groups into real consumers.


Would you like to watch ‘Titanic’ and enjoy the wonderful experience?


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Recently, I find I always repeating one thing that is shopping online. When I come back home, open the computer, the first thing I would do is check the sales information online. I want to know whether there are some discounts for beauty products, clothing and anything else. Once I found that, I seem out of control to buy the discount products and ignore this product is unnecessary. Do you have a shopping addiction?



There are some signs of shopping addiction:

  • Shopping or spending money as result of feeling disappointed, angry, or scared
  • Shopping or spending habits causing emotional distress in one’s life
  • Feeling delusory if not have credit cards
  • Buying items on credit cards while would not be bought with cash
  • Feeling a rush of euphoria and anxiety when spending money
  • Have a guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or confused feelings after shopping
  • Lying to others about purchases made or how much money was spent
  • Thinking excessively about money
  • Spending a lot of time juggling accounts or bills to accommodate spending (Proctor Hospital, 2012)

Through those descriptions, I believe people could check themselves whether shopping addicts or not. However, what shopping addiction is actually. Black (2007) defined it as an uncontrollable urge that repeatedly compels a person to buy in order to bring temporary relief from psychological distress arising from depression. While Desarbo and Edwards (1996) points out that there is a difference between compulsive purchase and impulsive purchase. Compulsive purchasing is influenced by an internal wish from individual’s mental needs and wants while external shopping environmental stimulates influence impulsive purchasing.

Obviously, there are some factors would improve shopping addiction. Fisher’s exact test demonstrates shopping addicts’ purchase more materialistic than non-shopping addicts, and shopping addicts have lower level of self-esteem than other shoppers. Furthermore, just 20% of shopping addicts would compare information between similar products. Therefore, they just want to buy. Hassay and Smith (1996) highlights they are addicted to the process of shopping. It means shopping addicts ignore consequences just want to satisfy their psychological demands. They want to relief their mental stress and worried or escape something they have not intention to face through shopping behavior. Those are shopping addicts’ psychology.

While for those shopping addicts, some organizations think it is a good opportunity for developing their sales. Especially, when shopping addicts buy products on the Internet, some companies grasp the shopping addicts’ psychology that they are just enjoy the process of shopping, so they ignore products’ quality in order to save costs, or fake products’ materials. Those actions are for the sake of organization’s profits. (TechWeb, 2012)

In my opinions, shopping addiction behavior, to some degree, it is a psychological disease, and it is cannot be ignored. This behavior would influence people’s life, like individual’s finance. Even to the markets balance, some companies use it to earn profits through unfair and unethical ways.


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Can Negative become the winner?

In the informationalized society, consumer’s attention becomes important and scarce resources increasingly. Organizations hope to attract consumer’s mind and retain their regular customers, which is the key factor to the organization success. Therefore, the company attraction is put on the agenda. Consumer’s attention usually with tangible or intangible products and services is a marketing strategy. Organization want to use the media to promote the brand image and organization status in society, it gains consumer’s attention and identification, which help company to stimulate consumer’s purchasing wants. Furthermore, the marketing method is variable, such as advertisement and PR activities. They are all to build the organizations positive image to trust target consumers. Positive activities would make a good effect on consumer’s mind. However, there is another marketing strategy is make negative information to develop attention. Dose it can success? Dose it can get more public attention than positive information.

There is a workplace recruitment TV program – ‘ONLY YOU’ in China. And Kaifu Lee who is the CEO of Google Company in Chinese market, he points out that TV program is terrible and not fair for those applicants. Someone fall in faint, and a few people cry in the stage. So he organizes a vote activity to resist the TV program online. There are 20,000 people support him and think lots of boss who are in the TV show is not professional, even unrespect to applicants. When the resist activity conducted, those boss become to reply, so that all kinds of negative comments appears. The controversy become intensified while the attraction and marketing effects have increased. A great deal of audience who never heard it before want to watch that program. That hype marketing strategy is through building a negative image to attract consumer’s attention to improve organization’s awareness.



Nowadays, ‘ONLY YOU’ becomes a hotspot in society. All of netizens focus that topic. For this TV program and companies which those boss own, it is an opportunity to marketing them, because the TV program need viewership rate while those companies want to get Click-through Rate. The criticize of Kaifu Lee just help TV show and companies’ marketing. However, the negative information as an advertising method overturns traditional marketing. Although it is an effective way, company just can treat it as a part of marketing process. Its important function is attracting target consumer’s attention. Attention always plays an important role in the consumer decision-making process. Attention can be defined, focusing on one or more environmental stimuli while potentially ignoring others. Attention is highly selective in nature. If consumers did not have selective attention, they would be so overloaded with information in the marketplace that they could not run effectively. (Kardes, Cline and Cronley, 2008).

Therefore, consumer’ attention is focus that organizations all want to gain. Through negative information to achieve that goal, following that, organizations should improve their brand image in consumer’s mind and plan next marketing strategy.


Source: Kardes, F., R., Cline, T. W., and Cronley, M. L. (2008) Consumer Behaviour Science and Practice, UK:Cengage Learning.



P&G Company launched in 1837, which is the one of largest commodity Consumption Company. P&G Company thought thousands of consumers has thousands hamlet. Each consumer has own thought. P&G Company conducts a series of marketing research to sum up some deviations, and Company produce a lot of different products to meet consumers’ demands. There are three main sectors belongs to it, such as beauty, healthy and home. Furthermore, they also include sub-brand.

P&G Company came up with ‘ brand manager ‘ perception in 1913, and carried out it in Camay Soap in 1926. That means brand manager system, which led to each brand like a sub company; brand manager likes a CEO of company, who is responsible for everything of sub Company. For example, manager would decide position of the brand, marketing strategy and products.

Procter & Gamble Company conducted all kinds of brand advertising strategy, which has always been famous successful advertising example of USP advertising strategy that Rosser Reeves suggested in the 1950s. For example, Procter & Gamble shampoo brand. Its brand shampoo advertising has emphasized the functional interest demands usually, Head & Shoulders presented effective dandruff shampoo; Rejoice displayed a shampoo which combined the hairdressing and hair care; Pantene shampoo contained vitamin B5, which can keep hair healthy; Sassoon products contained natural moisturizing material can kept hair shiny and moist; Yun Yan shown a hair shampoo that use Chinese herbal materials to black Asian consumers’ hair. Procter & Gamble Company segmented the needs of customers in order to meet those needs through creating varieties of subdivision brands. Procter & Gamble Company’s focus is not to tell consumers so many brands from high-level, and prefer to tell the customer this brand can meet the needs of customers.

There are two main characteristics in the implementation of multi-brand strategy of Procter & Gamble Company: Firstly, there also are different brands for different target markets. Secondly, Brand operation shown relative independence. Multi-brand led to high operating costs, high risk, but it is flexible and also conducive to the market segmentation. Differentiated marketing strategy for brands of Procter & Gamble Company is not simply paste trademark on products’ package, it focused on the pursuit of differences between the different brands of similar products, including functionality, packaging, promotion and other aspects, which can benefit to form the distinctive personality of each brand. Thus, each brand has its own development way so that those markets would not overlap. Procter & Gamble Company’s brand strategy made customer get different combinations of interests from the product. Some people thought that washing and rinsing features are the most important, and some people thought that the most important function is fabric soft, while someone thought washing powder with fragrant, mild alkaline is the key characteristic. Therefore, P & G Company segmented nine markets in terms of detergent, and designed nine different brands. Divided into multiple markets through using a product’s function, price, packaging, which from different levels to meet the different needs of all kinds of customer demands, so as to nurture consumer preference for a brand of the enterprise to improve their brand loyalty.




Cosmeceuticals enter into market in China

Beauty in our daily life is indispensable. Cosmetic and skin care products also play a important role in women’s life. Nowadays, there are a great many of brands of cosmetics in Chinese market, such as Chanel, Lancome, Clarins, Shu Uemura, Vichy and so on. With development of the economy of China, the living standard of Chinese people has increased. Women need high quality to beauty products increasingly. While, there are many news in terms of the safety problem of beauty products, like Lead excess in some skin care products, mercury excess in some lipstick and too much alcohol in some skin whitening products. That products which contain chemical composition would lead to disease, therefore, women very worried about  the beauty products quality. That brings about the cosmeceuticals enter into the cosmetics market.

Peng, X (2008) points out cosmeceuticals as a new category face to consumers in Chinese market. Its development in China compares with the development of cosmeceuticals in U.S and Japan reveals immature obviously. In China, cosmeceuticals usually be sold at the pharmacy. However, Chinese people not used to buy cosmetics products in chemical shops. Therefore, organisations need study consumer’s psychology to conduct a strategic plan to achieve objectives. In China, cosmeceuticals usually be sold at the pharmacy.

Generally, the target customers are women, it is important to distinguish the behaviour between man and women to understand their consumption psychology. In common, male consumer has specific objectives before they go to shops, while female consumer easily purchase goods impulsively, because they are influenced by emotion, feelings and environment.

Liu, D., L (2009) argues that women consumers can be segmented as four categories. Namely, rational consumer, seeking new products consumer, aspire beauty consumer and appeal consumer. For rational consumer, the characteristic of realistic psychological consumer is rational consumption, and not easily be influenced through advertising and promotional staff. When they making purchase decisions, consumer pay attention to the product real effect, and often are concerned about the information on all aspects of the product. Moreover, they think the try process is important for them, while on the other hand, they care about their friends recommended. Therefore, organisations can use free cosmetic sample channels such as direct mail, supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, which they can have the opportunity to use the product. Thus, it can on non-traditional advertising TV shows and Internet forum to display products by experts to attract people’s attention. So cosmeceuticals can choose some experts to introduce the products functions on TV. For seeking new products consumer, this group like to buy new products, so company need focus on the packaging of products. Cosmeceuticals can design attractive packaging and special name. Like ‘drink up’- a mask for dry skin. For aspire consumer, they are focus on which products can make them more beautiful. Therefore, company can emphasis its advantage of this products to attract them. So, cosmeceuticals can focus on specific function, like whitening feature to attract consumer. For appeal consumer, they need resonance and easily be influenced by others. So organisations should use the public advertisement forms to marketing products, and plan promotion activities to stimulate their potential demands.

As a new category enter into a new market, organisation should pay attention to the target consumer’s psychology.

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Perfume colour designing for consumer psychology

Nowadays, people become keen on colour matching regarding wearing clothes, decorating house and so on. The color designing is a dynamics of the visual form design. Constitute a visual form through the organic combination of lightness, purity and hue and different colour block surface, which influence people’s emotion and feeling or give people the stimulation to attract target customers to pay attention to company’s products. Colour designing is very important to the packaging process of products. Colour originality is a vital element which can beautify goods and also can build a unique brand image to gain the competitive advantage.

The marketing extent of U.S points out the ‘7 seconds law’, which means that consumer will make decision whether purchase this goods in 7 seconds. The first sight impression of people on goods would attract consumer’s interest. Furthermore, in the 7 seconds, colour elements accounts at 67% of determinant factors. That is ‘colour marketing’. Therefore, perfume companies always use it to marketing their products.

Fragrance is an indispensable thing in people’s daily life. Every person want to choose a smell to stand for themselves. Different perfume has its own colour, which form a method to distinguish each kind of fragrances. Blue stands for true and  loyalty, and also like sea and refreshing. Women who like this colour means they want to go to the outsider to enjoy freedom and tranquility. Like this cool water of DAVIDOFF, which let people feel in the fresh and cool sea. That is suitable for women use in the summer.

Look at the GIVENCHY Greenergy perfume. Light green make a nature and sedate atmosphere to consumers. Green stands for new life, and it more warmer than blue. This product sends out a completely relaxed and comfortable aroma, which is for women who suffer numerous pressure to create a piece of quiet environment.

Purple fragrance give a person with gorgeous, elegant impression. Women who want to have temperament elegant and mature temperament, purple is the best choice.

Pink perfume in various types, which is the most gentle and lovely, it gives a person pure, lovely, romantic, shy impression, sending out sweet and fresh feeling. The fruit and flower taste, which is sweet that can make people feel very “pink” in the situation, and would like to make friends at the party or want to add a little brighten expression, consumer can choose this kind of perfume.

Yellow perfume give people luxuriant, downy, exalted, a little bit sexy and worshipful feeling. And it also has a little mysterious. The person who has social status need this kind of fragrance to show their taste. Like Chanel No.5.

Therefore, colour designing is in order to attract target consumer’s attention. Meet different consumer’s needs and wants to satisfy them through produce the expected coloured perfume.



Cosmetics positioning for customers in China

With the market economy gradually establishment and development in China, people’s living standards to be improved constantly. And there is a phenomenon that the production and consumption in the cosmetics industry maintains increase rapidly, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Kumar survey demonstrates that 74.52% of modern women were take more than 100 yuan on cosmetics monthly. There are some factors would influence consumers to purchase some cosmetics. Such as: quality, packaging, price, brand, advertising and sales methods; on the other hand it can by consumer psychology, individual differences, social, cultural and other factors. Above all, those factors can be considered about when company decide the position of the cosmetic.

Traditional cosmetics positioning is to identify the target consumers in terms of gender, age, region, occupation, income, such as male, female; infants, children, youth, middle age, old age; rural consumers; urban consumers; different geographical consumers; consumers in different seasons. Therefore, they require different needs. Furthermore, for the target consumer company do more product positioning, such as the focus on the brand and quality-oriented products is for middle and high-income consumers; focus on practical and affordable oriented products is for low-income customers; while male-specific cosmetics; women-only cosmetics; and some products should be suitable for the South humid climate; some should be suitable for the dry climate; winter cosmetics; summer with cosmetics; cosmetics for urban consumers, rural consumers cosmetics; hair care cosmetics; skin care, cosmetics, and so on.

Obviously, physiological needs and psychological needs can be divided into consumer’s demand for cosmetics, the former is in the bottom of the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, which is the survival and security needs. whilst the latter is an advanced needs, which is the demand of the beauty of a perfect pursuit of self-image, they are in the  middle of the pyramid . For example, the basic functions of the winter use face cream and body cream to prevent dry chapped skin and make skin moist, which can meet the physical needs of the people. Some products also have to repair the face aging skin and have a whitening effect. In the basic material physiological needs are met, everyone will have the pursuit of beauty, and it is divided into the clear demand, and another demand is not clear. Demand clearly indicates what products to use to make their own desire to be met, such as spots on his face, knowing that by using concealer can mask. Some of the demand is not clear, or consumers themselves is unclear.

Therefore the cosmetics in addition to the traditional method of positioning should be taken into account the target consumer’s psychology of beauty. In the different ages, there is also different standards of beauty, considering the trends, fads, so constantly introduce new products to meet the needs of everyone. For example, a variety of weight loss products are be produced in order to meet the people slim beauty aesthetic standard; the whitening products meet Asian skin yellowish want to whiten appearance. Furthermore, as an enterprise to adapt to consumer trends and to meet clear consumer’s demand, while company need to be good at discovering the clear demand of the consumer, and constantly develop new products to create a consumer guide consumption, which can influence people’s purchase psychology. Therefore company should be focus on the psychology of consumers, the fashion and the trends of appreciation of the beauty.



The word of Yves Saint Laurent

Designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner in 1961 founded ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, furthermore, the current logo was created by A. M. Cassandre in 1963. It focuses on the fashion, like clothes, skincare, cosmetics, perfume and so on. In this blog, it will discuss about the cosmetics and perfume.

Yves Saint Laurent is very popular and luxury brand in fashion market. And its mission is that fashion is not only used to beautify women, it also can make women more confidence that to realise their own value as a woman. Because of that, majority of women want to use that products to change their appearance to make them strong. Becoming more pretty is women’ needs and wants. YSL produces a series of products in order to meet target customers’ needs.

This video describes a girl from a ugly duckling become a white swan. Her dream comes true. That aways every woman dream in the deep memory. It just a lip advertising, YSL want to tell consumers you can make your dream come true through using our lip products.Mysterious music and brighten colour in this cartoon let people urgent to watch.

This media introduces very important product : Touche Éclat. It slogan is thatYves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat is the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without. It is a powerful advertisement for that product, which is a stimulus that attracts women’ curious to purchase it. Through sensory exposure to gain customers’ attention and let them to have comprehension. Form a perception can influence customers’ purchase behaviour.

Jessica Chastain is the model for Yves Saint Laurent new sweet Manifesto fragrance for lady. A concise and clear face, wearing big simple classic black skirt, with a pair of with purple paint by the hand, which builds the perfect annotation sexy grace.

Fragrance can make people remember their wants, and evoke people’s memory. Every person has unique feelings and they have their favorites smells style. YSL faces to target customers who aged from 30 to 35. Moreover, Perfume body design give people a sense of luxury and line feeling, body inlaid purple crystal, as winding in female waist belt, which shows elegant and dignified, and shaping like women, and exquisite projection beautiful curve, catch infinite daydream. It seems to remind the costumers that you are that sexy grace woman.

Kate Moss as spokesperson for  this perfume, wearing black pants, standing in front of Eiffel Tower light and smelling a rose, has a sexy and elegant posture, which is for 30 years old female users perfume trait. The sexy advertising easily evoke person’s memory about physiological needs – sex, which can motivate customers to purchase this product.

In summary, attitudes can influence people’s purchase decision, positive attitudes for products could increase sales of this product. However, attitudes can be based on the beliefs of other people, especially, when people consider they have less information and knowledge about a new product category and attributes than other person. Advertising video usually use spokespersons to influence customers’ attitudes.

Sources: Kardes, F. R., Cline, T. W., and Cronley, M. L. (2011) Consumer Behaviour Science and Practice, China: Cengage Learning.





Cosmetics are the indispensable tools for women. No matter women at which age stage, they are always attracted by the charming make up.

Nowadays, there is a great deal of cosmetics brand. Therefore, Cosmetics Company should provide the effective products in order to grasp customers’ sight. In the autumn, many companies carry out the “MID SEASON SALE / AUTUMN SEASON SALE, those companies want to increase their sales through price advertising.

Like Bare Minerals Company, there is up to 30 percent discount. It offers a lowest discount and kits to attract customers’ attentions. Usually, Bare Minerals not provide this price. Customers who want to purchase this brand product but not because its high price. Therefore, the price discount is a marketing method, which meets customers’ needs.



This 3 for 2 make-up advertisement is from Boots. As a biggest cosmetics retailer, Boots also will provide sales for customers. To satisfy customers ‘expectation is vital. Furthermore, the 3 for 2 activities adapt to a large number of brand, which means customers can mix products what they need to get. It is an advantage for Boots Company against those companies has single brand. Moreover, it also benefits customers to choose their cosmetics. That is why Boots is very popular with women consumers.   


In order to stimulate women to purchase their products to increase its sales, companies would come up with other marketing method. Like the Estee Lauder Company offer free gift with any Estee Lauder foundation, the gift always tempt customers to get it to buy this product such as foundation. Gifts, in other words, they are equal to discounts. It is a bundling marketing strategy. Furthermore, there is another form that if you order over £50, you will get a gift or if you order over £ 60, you can get 5% off. They are all the price discount sales promotion, which in order to stimulate women to purchase. Customers urgent to gain the 5 percent off will buy more products to exceed that price; generally, they will buy some products which customers do not demand.

Thaler and Sunstein (2009) point out that there is an interesting effect on market. For example, two different dreams are considered. First dream is happy dream; advertisers will help consumers make better and smarter choices. Cronquvist (2007) argues that the advertisement resembled the nightmare more than the happy dream. Through understand and meet customers’ need to stimulate them to purchase.



Thaler, R, H. and Sunstein, C, R. (2009) Nudge, London: Penguin Books Ltd.

Cronqvist, H (2007) Advertising and Portfolio Choice, OhioStateUniversity, 2007





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